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Seeking assistance in formulating a comprehensive marketing strategy, Goldfarb & Associates hired Branded to develop a directed and intentional marketing plan for their business. Given the limited existing marketing presence of the brand, the objective is to enhance brand awareness and foster increased engagement via email marketing.


Goldfarb & Associates is a diesel part supplier that provides new, used, and re-manufactured products to their customers around the world. The business is lead by Scott and Saul Goldfarb, a father-son duo who have led the business and established their company as America’s #1 Diesel Part Supplier.

Goldfarb’s dedicated team has been providing services to customers across the globe since 1997. Goldfarb & Associates supplies customers around the world with a wide range of high-quality diesel parts, specializing in injection pumps, fuel injectors, and turbochargers that fit all diesel engine applications.

Goldfarb’s business relies on their unmatched customer service, thorough quality assurance processes, and satisfaction guarantees to maintain and uphold their industry reputation. 


Goldfarb & Associates’ lack of marketing presence required a strategy to leverage their existing contact lists, targeting the right segments of customers and establishing themselves as industry leaders.

G & A enlisted Branded to formulate a comprehensive email marketing plan to organize, streamline, and create impactful email content and cadence for their audience, increasing sales and repeat customers. 



Starting with the formulation of an email marketing content calendar, Branded created a quarterly outline of weekly email campaigns targeted toward specific audience segments. With this, Branded implemented a new brand kit as well as digital marketing assets to be incorporated into all email campaigns, establishing a consistent brand identity and increasing brand awareness. 


Here is our conversion statistics for our new email marketing strategy that we implemented

Sent Emails
+ 0 %
Campaign Open Rate
+ 0 %
E-mail Subscribers
+ 0 %
client Feedback

“We have been increasingly happy with the professionalism, consistency, and positive feedback we have received from our revamped marketing efforts.

Our emails were sent to only a handful of customers previously with no plan of adding/removing from the email list and with no consistent schedule to the emails. The messages that we receive, and increased engagement, has boosted customer confidence in our brand.”

Scott Goldfarb

Client Support

We continue to monitor, analyze, and innovate the emails and overall strategy as needed to ensure the client stays top of mind for customers among their community.

We review monthly performance and defined KPI’s to measure email campaign success.

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