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Branded was used to create videography and photography for the brand to use on their marketing channels.


Starting in 1827, Louis Alexandre Marnier founded Grand Marnier in Neauphle-le-Château, France. They shook up the scene in 1880 with developing their prominent product, Cordon Rouge. Mixing fancy Cognac with exotic orange liqueur, they broke the mold of traditional luxury. Since then, the brand has soared, becoming one of the world’s best-selling liqueurs. The Grand Marnier team has been able to expand their customer base by maintaining their elegant European flare, while emphasizing their elevated lifestyle product – putting intentional effort into how their brand is consistently marketed.

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As a multinational brand, Grand Marnier sought out help to create content for their social media and digital channels. Creating a guideline for content creation based on brand messaging and brand aesthetics, Grand Marnier was able to gain professional and user generated content that was shared thousands of times on their social channels.

Branded’s creative team generated imagery that would resonate with Grand Marnier’s target audience. Taking into consideration various marketing strategies, we created content to educate the consumer, promote the brand, entertain the audience, and inspire future buyers. Creating scenes that resonate and satisfy the pillars and requirements of the brand.


Understanding the brand, the audience, the aesthetic, and the goal, we were able to create a number of curated scenes that depict the vibrance and breadth of the Grand Marnier brand. Shooting in eight locations, our creative team generated over 250 pieces of content.

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