Industrial Rope Access – Case Study

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Industrial Rope Access was a brand new division of a well established organization, however they had no online presence. They hired Branded to create a brand new website with all new photography and content, to give them the professional presence and jaw dropping visuals they needed to connect with their prospective clients.


Industrial Rope Access, LLC is a premier rope access company, offering services from window cleaning, to facade repair to emergency response standby. Rope access is “a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access” to hard to reach places. Typically used on commercial buildings, stadiums, amusement parks, and monuments, Rope Access technicians are highly trained and highly certified to tackle any project, at height.

Safety, reliability and expertise are the cornerstones of Industrial Rope Access’ business. They take safety seriously and their team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone involved in each project is safe at all times. Because of this, they needed a digital presence to represent these pillars of their business.

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Industrial Rope Access is the sister company to two established and successful businesses – Clean & Polish and CPI Restoration. The company had initial client success via word of mouth and cross-selling with its other sister organizations, however they did not have an online presence of their own.

Branded was brought in to create this online presence with a new website built from the ground-up. Since the rope access industry is not a hugely known profession, we needed to create something that could explain their service without a ton of reading or background knowledge. Additionally, we needed to create something that accentuates the brand pillars of safety, reliability, and expertise.

To do this, we developed a custom design throughout the website. We implemented custom iconography, intuitive navigation, clean scrolling feature, and strategically placed service and industry sections. With the use of our photography production team, we captured jaw dropping images and drone shots to visually articulate the scale of what this business does.


Not only is rope access and scaling off the side of a building 200′ in the air cool, but it also take extreme technical skill. Branded was hired to bring this stomach dropping profession to life with new brand photography and videography.

These images allow new website and social media viewers to get to know the company as well as the skill, components, and scale of what Industrial Rope Access does. We captured images from multiple angles and heights, including multiple drones, ladders and floors, to be used on the website, print collateral, and social media.

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