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Find your customers in their space, and grow your audience. A great social media strategy will see you engaging with the people who will respond well to your brand, ensuring you stay present in the minds and habits of your target market. We’ll help you come up with a strategy that considers your business objectives, the resources at your disposal, your buyer personas and their respective customer journeys. Let’s work together to get your social media presence Branded.

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Branded Management

Here at Branded we are familiar with the value of evolving alongside marketing trends and staying on top of new platforms.

We’ll identify which platforms and content work best for your business and help you to take your brand to your consumers. Our experience will allow you to tell your brand’s story on the right social media channels to maximize the success of your content.

Any questions?

Before we even begin building your social media strategy we want to get to know you and your brand. By forming a strong working relationship, it’s much easier for us to really get to know you and your business and how to best represent your brand online.
To create your social media strategy, it’s important we understand what you wish to achieve from using social media. Whether it be an increase in sales, enquiries or website traffic, we can use this information and tailor it around the content we create.

We are more than happy to get you up and running if you are unsure or simply don’t have the time to set up accounts yourself. As part of the consultation stage, we will discuss which platforms you should be on and how they will be set up.

Yes, this can be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation process, as most posts will not require a paid marketing budget. If you want to reach a wider audience through paid advertising, we can set this up and discuss a recommended budget with you.
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